Philipp Wissgott

Klemens Senn

Philipp Wissgott, PhD

Increasing the speed and accuracy of multi-beam tools requires highly efficient software while keeping a great level of usability.


Has been active in the field of material simulation for the last 10 years. He completed his PhD, "Transport Properties of Correlated Materials", in the group of Professor Held at the TU Vienna, developing new programs for nano-simulation. Authoring more than 10 peer-reviewed articles, his research focuses on functional materials, with the goal to digitally design compounds for the application at hand.

At the end of 2012, he changed to the multi-beam nano-lithography company IMS Nanofabrication, where he joined the High Performance Computing group. There, he developed CPUGPU pipelining software for 120 Gbit/s rasterization and was responsible for the testing and quality control of 3rd party data prep software. Testing external software of Synopsys and NCS gave him great insights into strengths and weaknesses of recent developments in software for mask writers.

In 2014, the innovative new concepts for modern multi-beam software lead to the formation of the 3DataX company. One of his major objectives: Combine state-of-the-art GPU-supported algorithms with mathematical modeling and knowledge of solid state physics.

Klemens Senn, MSc

Building state-of-the-art multi-beam software solutions unifies new technologies and well established building blocks.


Studying electrical engineering with focusing on computer technology enabled his skills in software engineering.

In 2006, he started working for TTTech Computertechnik AG. He acquired certification know-how and worked on software for airborne systems (DO-178B Level A). Additionally he developed a verify and checking framework and applied it to test configurations of TTEthernet switches and end systems.

In 2010, he started working for the nano-lithography company IMS Nanofabrication AG. He maintained the control system software stack and integrated a lot of new hardware into it. With his knowledge of the exposure workflow he worked in the High Performance Computing Team as senior developer. He designed and implemented libraries for load balancing a GPU cluster, data transportation over Ethernet and Infiniband and optimized the NVIDIA CUDA pipeline. Additionally, he implemented the mask scheduler for the nano-lithography tools.

In summer 2014, he founded 3DataX together with Philipp Wissgott. With his widespread know-how, he builds efficient state of the art software solutions.